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Real Wife Stories presents: Karrlie Dawn pays for a gigalo to fuck her silly

Scene Title: In Need of Attention

Storyline: Karrlie's husband has been neglecting her big juicy tits and her warm wet pussy for way to long now. As a result to her need for some hard fucking she calls up a gigolo, which is charged directly to her husbands account.

Wife: Karrlie Dawn

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What people are saying about: Karrlie Dawn - In Need of Attention realwifestories episode

Comment #1

Extreminator said: This woman is a pro. All female porn stars should talk dirty the way she does. Dirty talk is hot! Also, the grape bouncing off her face was hilarious. Porn + Comedy = Win!

Comment #2

JJamNeutron said: I am so sick & tired of Keiran. His performing is one thing but his "dialogue" during the tease is another. He sounds just like the fucking Geico gecko. Spot on. Listen to a Geico commercial with the gecko & then listen to Keiran talk & you'd swear that Keiran has a side gig doing voiceovers. I'm not saying Brazzers shouldn't use him. That's impossible since they have him under contract. I'm just saying his roles need to be muted. No more talking for Keiran. No talky, more fucky. Got it?! lmao

Comment #3

fawkface1 said: HAHAHAHAHA. Who cares which guy is fucking the girls. If they're getting a good fucking, who cares who the stunt cock is. Hey, if Keiran and Johnny can make the women scream and squirt for real, who cares? I'm watching for the girls, not the guys. The guys that bitch about the male talent, wow, way to hide your gayness. LOL I'd laugh my ass off if some of the female members of Brazzers would leave comments bitching about the female talent and threatening to cancel their membership because of the Shyla Stlyez, etc etc etc.

Comment #4

technika2 said: Please Brazzers: I have no problem with any of the girls on here, but like the majority of us, I'm getting tired of seeing Keiran Lee! I know the Brazzers girls love his big dick, but honestly. While I don't come here to look at the men, I know there are other men out there willing to bang these girls. Seriously now!

Comment #5

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: Is that Sofia Lomelli's Sister? Cuz they damn sure look alike. The story woulda been better if she woulda just fucked the landscaper or pool guy; they take checks too. The gigolo service idea was weak. I like this girl tho, nice cans, decent body (altho that midsection can use some tightening), and decent brain game. I really liked her on top, she rode him damn good. I'd be down to see Karrlie again no doubt. btw - THIS is when the music in the setup is good; I'm not sure of the technical terms but it was perfect with the editing. Don't use it when there's dialogue.

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