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Real Wife Stories presents: Kina Kai in kung fu fucking scene

Scene Title: Kung Fu Fucking

Storyline: Kina Kai loves playing the role of the loyal wife but as soon as her husbands back is turned she makes sure she gets her fun on the side. The only problem is that her fuck friend Scott is very sloppy when it comes to sneaking around.

Wife: Kina Kai

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What people are saying about: Kina Kai - Kung Fu Fucking realwifestories episode

Comment #1

marcus99 said: I honestly thought the reverse cowgirl might kill her. Dude was WAY too big for her!

Comment #2

fuckacop said: the story is more than a little contrived... so many Asian stereotypes to play with and you pick the easiest. here's another: hot Asian shopkeeper paying protection with her pussy on half a mile of Black cock. Kina obviously likes watching a big dick tap her tight hole, so give us some more too!

Comment #3

marcus99 said: VERY HOT girl, but he was clearly WAY TOO BIG for her. She struggled with his size the entire scene and he was never able to fully penetrate her. Still a great real wife stories scene though!

Comment #4

josh1280 said: she is hot! Rocky of coarse she should jerk him off at the end. But that doesn't happen to much on brazzers. It is kinda gay to watch some guy jerk off. If i wanted to see that i could go look in the mirror. That sure is what i paid to see. Put tabitha back on she knows what to do.

Comment #5

RockySquirrel said: Wow...what great potential only to fall flat. This girl is very pretty, great body, perfect titties, but the skills are lacking. Instead of jerking it at the end, she should be the one jerking or sucking it off. I love asian girls and we need more on Brazzers, but this is porn and they have to do better...she did good doggie but that was mostly Danny...where was the cowgirl? This one goes to the oscars for set design. Sound sucked,too, many times these scenes are better muted.

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