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Real Wife Stories presents: Lacey Duvalle fucking a stow awayed cock in the house

Scene Title: Somewhere to Fuck

Storyline: Lacey has a huge task ahead of her. She has her boy toy stashed in the bedroom closet while her husband is home. It wonít be too hard to sneak around though, because Lacey has memorized her husbandís routine and knows when he is coming and going. Lacey is tactful throughout this process, as she brings Tommy to every spot in the house to fuck, even the laundry room.

Wife: Lacey DuValle

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What people are saying about: Lacey DuValle - Somewhere to Fuck realwifestories episode

Comment #1

ZZEurope24 said: Lacey is one of the top black performers Brazzers have shot. Sadly they dont shoot enough black girls and further is that they dont use Lacey much. She has a smoking hot body and is a great performer. I'm not a fan of Tommy Gun because I dont like his slow laid back style but I can respect hes a good performer. Good real wife stories scene but would have preferred another male talen such as Jordan Ash.

Comment #2

Armando1001 said: You need to show much more of her big hot ass!!!

Comment #3

mikeh50 said: What is wrong with your camera man(or girl)?Is he/she retarded,I mean you have a rel nice blow job going and he pans further and further away from the action like he's taking a walk or something!And he does this in all his scenes,he has a nice p.o.v. shot and he stays there for a second or two and goes for a much less favorable shot,and the bouncing around ALL the time,I get sea sick,if this is the best you got then I'm sorry,you are not indeed the best porn site,in fact your not even in my top 20!That is why I'm canceling,oh and the talking,talking,talking,and the,oh what a big cock you have 20 times before she even starts

Comment #4

robb201 said: This real wife stories scene was fucking hilarious and hot al lat once. Another great cameo from Korey Fame as well. Lacey is hot, and watching her suck dick and fuck while doing the common things that spouses do for their partners was amazingly hot. I liked how Tommy ate some cereal and drank some orange juice, lol, that was great. When he got pulled out of the closet and was fighting with her to stop because he's right there made the scene even better and mre believable. This was a good scene. We need more Lacey. I'm not complaining about that booty, I'm lovin it. 8/10.

Comment #5

dieavirgin said: It's Funny. Most ppl seem to have just noticed lacy ass. I didn't notice her until her ass got bigger. Nice scene and I hope I'm never that clueless as to what's going on in my house.

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