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Real Wife Stories presents: Naughty Housewife fucking while husband is away

Scene Title: The Neighborhood Milf

Storyline: TJ had been checking out Kristal for a while now and when he over heard her fighting with her husband he decided this was his chance to fuck her. As soon as the husband was gone TJ popped out of nowhere to console her. She invited him in for a drink of water but he knew we was going to get much more out of the deal... He was going to get this hot milf all over him. Kristal didn't hold back at all she wanted this young cock inside of her...

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What people are saying about: Kristal Summers - The Neighborhood Milf realwifestories episode

Comment #1

Ricman45 said: The classic neighborhood MILF who will seduce the cable guy, the plumber, the electrician, the salesman, and any other guy with a big `un that she needs and desires. Meanwhile, the hubby is at work oblivious to all of the guys getting into her panties.

Comment #2

bigyaz2 said: how do i get a chance to eat that split pussy...its so fukin inviting, im ready to shoot all over by just looking at her pussy...just wanna slurp it, chew it, spit on it, toungefuk it, finger it, suck it and keep chewing it for hours...she has the best butterfly pussy in the world....and yes not to forget that perfect slutty face is the icing, she would look lovely with loads of sperm of multiple men all over her slutty face...i nearly shot on my screen

Comment #3

dwshill1 said: I'm a TJ fan. He may be average-dicked abd cocky but he knows how to make a slut work for the load. He always demands concentrated blow-jobs and expects balls-deep. He's a stud. Great real wife stories scene.

Comment #4

malerag said: Kristal summers is hot and tj can play the dom role, but his bi twink personality and girly voice unfortunately come through. This guy is feminine. He tries to compensate for that through hard fucking and domination but the result is mixed.

Comment #5

funkdoc said: Fucking love Kristal Summers, especially when she said "I need a good fuck". The only minor complaint I have is how it could have been less obvious with TJ running in place then running up the driveway as soon as the car drives away. Hot action all the way thru especially the kissing and fondelling in the beginning. I was very surprised in the loose midsection of Kristal wit the uprightcowgirl. SHe need to do something abou that. But that aside, she's amazing. I know a lot of members don't like TJ, but one thing he does is tease, and it seem to really turn the females on. I just hate when he tries to act cute and funny, cuz he don't pull it off well. But he fucked good and it was a hot scene as always from Kristal.

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