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Scene Title: A Little Fun on the Side

Storyline: Mariah Milano's husband is off to work and she's off to do some shopping. However, as Mariah's husband leaves she receives a text message from her fuck friend and enjoys the rest of the day away from her husband.

Wife: Mariah Milano

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What people are saying about: Mariah Milano - A Little Fun on the Side realwifestories episode

Comment #1

funkdoc said: RWS is kind of limited in the types of storylines that can be done, so I'm not mad at the story we've seen a bunch of times already. Mariah is one of the sexiest girls in the biz. The editing was kind of fucked up because she kept looking towards the door where her hubby was, but he didn't appear till after the fact. The real wife stories scene itself was just okay, but then we got to the doggy and that's how it should be shot; both legs up on the bed with her ass in the air. Very well done. Mariah I agree with others, do your thing and come outta that bra already!

Comment #2

BigLRock said: These pornstars get their breast enlarged, and then get ashamed of the scars left from it, by keeping a bra on, that's a lame deal, if you ask me. This was a weak real wife stories scene, coming from Mariah, I expected more. Not her best work, saying f, then s, and gd every few seconds doesn't sound cool. Positions, didn't change often enough, good as she looks, you have to display her all sorts of ways, and this scene didn't, so I'll rate this a poor score, 6 out of 10.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans said: Damn that's pretty fucked up that Mariah got caught that early. Her hubby didn't or wasn't upset at all is even more fucked up. She fish mouthed that bowl head to death which was hot. I thought that Scott might blow his chance of that happening. So as I'm watching this I'm wondering if Mariah will evolve. I mean being worried about the strap falling so the scars won't show is lame. Fuck that shit and do your thang chick. You know will she challenge herself to produce a super hot real wife stories scene. Oh no doubt the scene was hot but it's cause of Scott. He was strokin that like he was Oscar De La Hoya in his prime. I mean the only time she bashed her hubby was in doggy for a brief second. Other than the modified cowgirl, nothing else was brought to the scene. I didn't like how it ended since the hubby knew about her cheatin ass. Maybe I expect too much from pornstars once they reach a certain level/tier. Snoogans!

Comment #4

York said: Snoogans, the hubby was supposed to be a voyeur and was into seeing her get fucked, not like a cuckold who sits there in the way. Thankfully they didn't keep focusing back on him too much when the sex began. That's why she was looking away and winking every once in a while.

Comment #5

hurricanefan02 said: She's a sicilian? And not a latina? Man I would to know wher you are getting your sources cause I have it on good faith that and knowledge that she is latin mixed in her beautiful blood line. Maybe she's like Shy Love, Sicilian & Latin mixed? Either way, this babe is off the wall beautiful. People should have more respect for Mariah. I remember when she started got out the biz & got back in the biz. If you look at her now compared to then, huge difference! But, this girl is still beautiful. I'd keep her to myself. Along w/ Rachel Starr! Brazzers, you should set that up, a scene w/ Mariah & Rachel Starr!

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