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Real Wife Stories presents: McKenzie Lee in a curious head injury scene

Scene Title: A Curious HEAD Injury

Storyline: As a result of a serious head injury McKenzie is unable to control her urges to fuck every man she lays her eyes on. Her husband is left with the burden to stay with her even though she is stuck with such an uncontrollable problem.

Wife: McKenzie Lee

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What people are saying about: McKenzie Lee - A Curious HEAD Injury realwifestories episode

Comment #1

This is an awesome site! Its nice for girls to have good hot guys in the scenes...just watching makes me feel like sucking, maybe even more than one dick (wink), haha...keep up the good work for the girls out there who watch porn....youve got a happy customer here.

Comment #2

Hey, Im a trim girl...whats wrong with that? I bet none of you guys would be complaining if i was sucking your dicks...

Comment #3

Great scene, McKenzie gets sexier the more I see her. Keep the great scenes coming.

Comment #4

Are you fuckin people nuts - way too skinny? Where do you pickup chicks, Mickey D's? I'd rather see a FIT girl than a fat girl. Seriously, I see tone and a tad of muscle definition as way hotter than stretch marks and cottage cheese thighs. Fatties are everywhere, but that don't make them right. McKenzie, keep up the good work, some of us actually appreciate it. Lookin' fine!

Comment #5

Mckenzie is hot. She is skinny but has crazy sex appeal, a great pair of tits and some lovely dick sucking lips. Would luv to see more scenes with her.

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