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Real Wife Stories presents: Mason and Penny fuck their way out of prison

Scene Title: Friendly Betrayal Part 2

Storyline: After killing Scott and Sasha, Penny seeks comfort and protection in Dr. Byron who takes advantage of the situation and then turns her in to the police. Now in jail, Penny and her cell mate think of the best plan to break out of prison...

Wife: Penny Flame and Mason Moore

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What people are saying about: Penny Flame and Mason Moore - Friendly Betrayal Part 2 realwifestories episode

Comment #1

Sweepers0003 said: Good storyline. This proves that porn acters and actresses have more talent then just jumping into the 'down-and-dirty'. Penny Flame has shown that she can create a plot that is believeable. I can only hope that the three shots heard at the very end were only sound affects, because this story deserves "to be continued". How do they carry out their plan to head down under; what happens along the way. This storyline really needs to continue to a conclusion. Sometimes even the bad guy/girl can be cheered on. Remember 'Thelma and Louise'? Even though that story ended with their car going over a cliff, You wanted to cheer them on. This movie already provides an avenue for doing just that. The way the court handed down the sentence, plus the comments by the judge, as Penny was lead away; they were uncalled for. It leaves the viewer to believe that the court proceedings were full of holes. I do really hope that a part three is in the works, and even possibly even a part four. We need to know if they succeeded in their quest for the ultimate escape!

Comment #2

Zman19621 said: Penny Flame is an all natural nymphomaniac,who happens to have to three seductive dark brown eye's,the two on her face & the one inbetween her sweet ass cheeks.That being said,its just to bad that she has never let us see her getting her brown butt(on) one fucked liked her pussy.One can only hope & wait & see....

Comment #3

funkdoc said: I'll admit, I didn't watch part one simply because I don't find Sasha Grey attractive at all. But now I think I will after seeing this. Penny I have to hand it to you, this was a great script; produced and acted better than I could have expected. Props to Brando for making it look like an actual motion picture. Tom Byron not only caught camera-time, but he caught some brain...and you got Herschel Savage for a cameo too. haha. And I guess Chirs Johnson has been relegated to a regular extra, huh. I think this proves Penny Flame may have the best "acting" skills of any female talent out there, she was damn believeable. And the fucking through the bars was definitely hot. My one gripe, their prison gear could have come off slower instead of them getting completely naked immediately. This is the 1st scene I watched of the 3 today, and I'm glad I did. 10/10, no doubt

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: First thing is a shout out to all that help Penny make this brilliant masterpiece. Brett Brando, Sasha Grey, Scott Nails, Tom Byron, Chris Johnson, Rocco Reed, Hershel Savage, Keiran Lee, Austin Kincaid, Derrick Pierce, Victoria Valentino, Kory Fame, Johnny Sins, Mason Moore, and the bailiff soory but don't know your name. Tom Byron is a dirty motherfucker. Gets him a bowl of head and he snitches like some bitch. The court scene was a fucking riot. Austin is right too, I don't blame Penny. Mason and Penny did one hell of a bang up job in the cells. I mean seriously this shit went very smooth for acting in a porn. Fucking through the bars was hot without a doubt. I even liked the clanging of his buckle against the bars. The sex was money along with the cum swap. Hate to see this end. Snoogans!

Comment #5

energy22 said: I really liked this real wife stories scene, even if it was longer than it needed to be. Penny Flame is terrific actress. In fact, she's by far the best actress in porn. If you look at what she's done for Brazzers over the past couple of years, it's very impressive how she can change character. I'm sure she could make it in mainstream entertainment if she wanted to. Same thing with Kurt Lockwood. Mason Moore isn't bad either. Johnny was a little of his game, however. The scene was very imaginative. That kind

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