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Real Wife Stories presents: Roxy Jezel finds a helper with her groceries and fucks him as a tip

Scene Title: Suburban Slut Story

Storyline: Roxy Jezel is in the most boring mundane relationship in the heart of suburbia. Their same routine of day to day life would be enough to drive most people insane. One day the wife see’s a young buck playing soccer while she’s on her way to the grocery store. She just loses control and snaps! Her inner slut breaks free, and gives in to her carnal cravings.

Wife: Roxy Jezel

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What people are saying about: Roxy Jezel - Suburban Slut Story realwifestories episode

Comment #1

JennaCarmella69 said: Again, great real wife stories scene. I love cheating wife scenes! Roxy licking the cum off of her ring is a stroke of genius. Well done!

Comment #2

ghuitrad said: normally dont comment on videos, but this scene is the shit. roxy is so hot and finally some good pussy closeups! good work cameraman.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans said: It always helps knowing the reason why a wife cheats. Just seeing them not talking as they ate and the sex being boring gave her reason. Also like the fact that she wasn't looking to get laid when she left the house. Unfortunate for me cause I watched Keiran and Honey West over the weekend. This was almost a carbon copy of how the sex went down. Just the oral sex started after they got into it. I always look for Keiran to kill it with doggy. He just never had the proper position he needed and might explain why he went back for a second helping. Cowgirl is where things picked up tremendously. They traded the control back and forth. He was ball flapping her and she was riding like a jockey. Like how she pulled the trigger on herself. I still can't believe Hollywood isn't knocking on Brando's door. Snoogans!

Comment #4

maxcaskie said: Keiren. fucking. LEE - I've had enough of this guy brazzers. Hell, I'm English and I hate this moron now! I dunno what the hell's been going on at brazzers recently but it really has gone downhill. Get some fresh people in here or I'm out.

Comment #5

r00d0g said: Roxy is such a hot girl! You need more "real" looking girls like this bz! Her best scene by far was wedding brazzers. Go look for it, you'll know what I'm talking about...

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