Savanah Gold and Candy Manson from Real Wife Stories

Real Wife Stories presents: Candy and Savannah teasing each other and caught by Candys husband

Scene Title: A Little Extra Action

Storyline: Candy gets very bored and lonely when her husband goes to work. She has her close friend Savannah come over to pleasure her and have fun. On this day her husband came back from work to get something only to find the both of them fucking each other with a dildo. The husband was rather surprised but wasn't mad when they asked him to join in...

Wife: Savanah Gold and Candy Manson

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Real Wife Stories Savanah Gold and Candy Manson HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Savanah Gold and Candy Manson - A Little Extra Action realwifestories episode

Comment #1

wiseguy965_bgb11 said: I finally got to see this segment and I am a big fan of Candy Manson and a even bigger fan of Savannah Gold. The way the segment started out was hot with Candy making her move on Savannah and getting her up on the washer/dryer and going at her. Then moving the scene into the bedroom so they could really get into each other was also pretty hot. Candy'd grunting and growning is always a turn on to me and what can I say about Savannah's English accent other than I love hearing her voice as she is getting boned. The one thing that left me somewhat disapointed was that both of these ladies can take a good sized cock in their ass and there was no back door action for either one. No big deal the vid was hot, I was happy and it got me hard but to see one of these screamer/moaners get it greek would have got me to errupt like Vesuvius...maybe even Krakatoa. I give it a 8 out of 10.

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: WTF is going on, I actually agree with Robb20 TWICE in one day?? lol. There was too much F-F action; could have been about 5 minutes less. The real wife stories scene was alright, I was expecting a lot more. I have the feeling this came from the vault, with the old house, and that's DEFINITELY Candy pre-redone tits. Savannah seemed like she wasn't really feeling Billy; and the girls seemed to enjoy each other more than the dick, definitely a disconnect here. And I'll echo everyone else - that $$ shot was turrble, turrble, turrble

Comment #3

robb201 said: First off, it's good to see Billy Glide back on Brazzers. I'm guessing he is not under contract anymore? He was one of the better male talents you guys had. The cumshot was weak, but it seemed like this was a multiple scene day for Billy and you guys got the last scene out of him. The girl/girl interaction was hot in this real wife stories scene, these girls worked really well together. I think it was a bit too long though. 30 min. of girl/girl and 11 min. of sex. Not a fan of Candy Manson, but she did good in this scene. I would have preferred to see someone else working with Savannah, although it may not have turned out as good or it could have turned out better....we'll never know I guess. Overall, good, but not great. 7/10.

Comment #4

mrmickey said: Its good to see Miss Candy Manson back. Now all you need to do is get her into a all girl threesome with Shyla Stylez and Nikki Benz. That would be some great all blond girl action.

Comment #5

katie11 said: brazzers, i'll take a lesbian/threesome scene combo any day. savannah can make any scene golden and as long as candy is swallowing loads i'm sure fans will want more. i wasn't impressed with the cum shot at all (very alec knight) looking however to be an older guy, billy took great care of his body. what impresses me about savannah is a lot of the ladies will dodge the cumshots or keep their mouths closed and although savannah was not even involved with the money shot she sticks her tongue in candy's mouth to get a taste. savannah that is why you are golden!!!! billy not a great money shot but we will take you over alec, barret, and barry any day. nice real wife stories scene brazzers!!!!

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